In this section, I’m collecting Pony Express route reports submitted to various online sources by bikepackers and others who have knowledge pertaining to the route. These may include reports on the condition of the route, route alternatives, points of interest, points of history, historical station info, or any other note that might be useful or interesting to a rider in the Pony Express Bikepacking route. I’ve taken the reports from multiple sources including:

Please be aware that I am collecting these reports for my personal use. I am assembling these publicly-available reports here to consolidate information that is currently spread across multiple platforms. Unless stated otherwise, please realize that I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information. Jan Bennett has included a lot on information directly into the course map on, and I have not included any of that information here. If you want first-hand advice, your best bet is to contact Jan Bennet through the Facebook links above, or the good people at Bikepacking Roots who are helping Jan fully scout and document the Pony Express Bikepacking route. If you have a suggestion for another source, please feel free to contact me.

Also, bear in mind that any and every section of the route is subject to change over a short period of time. Please use these reports as they may be helpful; at the same time, make sure to double-check any piece of information you intend to rely on (such as the availability of water at springs, e.g.).

Route Overview

For a great route overview and scouting report, see Jan Bennett’s Scouting Report (including pictures) on Ride With GPS.

Reports by State

The reports on this site are organized by state, traveling from east to west. Mile markers are based on the Pony Express Trail – Austin Hike-A-Bike Bypass created March 14, 2019.