As I collect information about bikepacking the Pony Express Route, I’ll post the link here for future reference.


As the person who has done the most to map the Pony Express Bikepacking route, Jan Bennett is probably the best person to inspire anyone to attempt the ride.


Route Map


Other Online Maps


Route Reports

  • Route info and updates from Jan other riders appear on the Facebook page Bike the Pony Express.
  • I’ve collected route reports from various current sources, as well as historical accounts of points along the way, in the Route Reports section of this website.


Camping Info


Bikepacking Gear

  • Jan Bennett’s Pony Express Packing List
  • The Bikepacker’s Guide – A pdf offered by for a $5 donation (which includes membership in the organization). Topics include: Route Planning; Food & Water Planning; Bike & Gear Planning, plus additional tips and tricks, and some field notes. (N.B. The booklet seems underwritten by Salsa bikes, and sometimes seemed like an extended Salsa ad. But there is a some useful information mixed in with inspiring pics.)


Station Notes

  • Expedition Utah maintains a Pony Express page. Toward the bottom is a list of all Pony Express stations (as of March 1861) and links to each station, with notes, organized by state.


History of Mail to California


National Park Service