Day 38: All Done

Coffee break in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains

Just a note to say I made it to Salt Lake City and am resting with Lisa’s cousins, Mike and Connie. Safe with the Buddhists now. More to come, including the ride reports for the missing days.

Thanks all!

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah! Thank you, Scott! Congratulations!

  2. Anonymous

    You must be sooooo proud of yourself! I am proud of you! What an epic trip… Thank you for taking me on this fabulous journey while I sat on my couch with the AC on! It was fantastic?? (lily)

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      I’m glad you came along, even if you did nag me about veggies. I do not feel proud, really. Just very fortunate to be able to make a trip like this. Especially with so much help and support from everyone along the way.

      1. Anonymous

        Congratulations Scott. Very cool. I enjoyed following along with you.

  3. Anonymous

    What an epic journey. Thanks for letting all of us share in the adventure. I foresee a lot of rereading in my future. Enjoy your more than well-earned rest. And I think you can continue to eat as much ice cream as you like for as long as you like. —babz

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Thanks Barbara! Sweet words, especially so for coming from a writer.

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Thanks Chuck. It was a long haul.

  4. Anonymous

    Congratulations! Enjoy your well earned rest.

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Thanks Charlene. And thanks for following!

  5. Alan

    The ending must have felt good, but the icing on the cake was the miles of down hill. Now celebrate by going to a good restaurant and gaining some weight back.

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Thx! It was a nice downhill finish, though kind of a narrow canyon road. It might be difficult not eating too much for a while.

  6. Anonymous

    Are you planning on continuing across Nevada?

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      I don’t know yet. I need to rest a little so I can make a more rational decision, or decide more rationally. Right now it sounds like a bit much, but in a week or so, who knows? If I do, I’ll aim for September first as a start date.

  7. Stu

    Congratulations Scott! enjoy your very well-deserved rest.


    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Thanks Stu! And thanks for lol your comments along the way.

  8. Anonymous

    Way to ride. You beat the next heat wave. 100+ in SLC.
    Stay cool & hydrated.
    Several quakes near CA NV border at 3:55 pm today. Felt in Davisville

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      I heard you had quakes. Stay safe out there!

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