Day 32: Expect Nothing (Placeholder)

Ice cream, Farson, WY
Ice cream, Farson, WY

So, Expect Nothing is the title of the post I plan to write, not an admonition to you as a reader of this blog. That being said, I don’t have a post for you again today. It was a very long day. I had to ford four streams, one twice, ride with wet shoes, ride in my tennies (when my feet started to hurt), battle cattle (again), navigate around a boggy ranch site when the map I was using was wrong (not Jan’s fault), and . . . Oh yes, this is Wyoming, so, DO ALL OF THAT IN A RAGING HEADWIND.

My consolation was about a quart of ice cream (no kidding) in Farson, WY, where I am camping in a primitive campground behind a— I mean, “the”—only store in town.

Tomorrow I head for Granger, where someone will prepare a veggie meal for me and help me find a place to camp because the town is using the park for a July 4 celebration. I am nearly half done with this leg, and in my more tired moments, like when I’m yelling at the wind, way more than half done with this ride. But I am here. And Salt Lake is there. So I’ll stick it out another week or so, and who knows, maybe the wind will cooperate.

Thanks for your patience!

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  1. Barry

    Ice cream heals many wounds. At First it looked like a fritter. Good winds for tomorrow.

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Must be post-Tour De Fritter trauma! I haven’t seen baked goods in a few days, but hope to soon.

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Yep. This is me, hanging in!

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