St. Joe

I’ve had a few days now to walk and ride a little around St. Joseph, and have really come to like it here. So much so that now the ride ahead of me seems even harder. It just doesn’t make sense to leave a place that feels so comfortable.

In addition to walking and riding, Emma Gossett, a friend of the Bike the Pony Express Facebook group and St. Joe native, drove me around to some of the sites I would otherwise have missed. She and her husband, Derek, spent nearly three hours on Memorial Day helping with with technical issues on my SPOT tracker. Wonderful, giving people.

The downtown area is easily walkable. There are a few museums, lots of hills to walk up and down, old mansions (including Vineyard Mansion, where I’m staying), and of course, the river. A nice jumping off point for the Pony Express Bikepacking Trail.