Five Mile Station

Five Mile StationFive Mile Station is last station before you get to the western terminus of the Pony Express Trail in Sacramento. As such, it's not really part of my collection of stations west of Sacramento. But like those, it is likely that most riders won't bother to visit the site. After all, it just a few miles form the finish of a very long ride.

The funny thing about Five Mile Station is that there are two markers for the station.

The one pictured above is a short detour off the route. It's on the other (south) side of the American River, just across a bridge at the edge of the Cal State University Sacramento campus. From the American River Parkway, you could detour here, take a selfie, and be back on the Trail in ten minutes. And get a nice view of the river in the bargain. It's located on the edge of a circular drive here.

Five Mile HouseThe second marker is similar to the granite monuments west of Sacramento. It's located across (south of) US 50, here, in front of a self-storage building. Not the most inspired setting. On the other hand, according to the inscription, this is the actual location of Five Mile Station (or House) at the time of the Pony Express, the previous location having closed in 1856.

If I knew the area better, I might be able to recommend visiting the marker and getting lunch nearby. But I don't, so I can't, and all I can say is that like the Duroc and Mormon Tavern markers east of here, you'll need to decide whether it's worth the time to see.