Day 27 Bonus Post: Farewell to Casper

Approaching thundercloud

I have started and discarded multiple posts today. It seems I just don’t have the focus; or rather, my focus must be elsewhere. It’s supposed to be clear tomorrow (with a 24% chance of rain the the morning), but as I wrote this it was windy and rainy outside, making hard to believe this weather will (mostly) clear out by then. So yes, I am still a little preoccupied with weather.

At the same time, I did not ride much today. I’ve got everything ready to go tomorrow morning, so there isn’t much to talk about in terms of this undertaking I find myself on.

At this point I have just under 1/3 of the route left to ride to Salt Lake City, about 420 miles. I’ve ridden somewhere around 900 miles so far, but most of the time it’s hard for me to remember much of it. That’s one reason I’ve been keeping this blog, so I wouldn’t forget (which has nothing to do with age, of course). I want to say I appreciate the comments and support from all of you who care to speak up, and from those of you (like me) are more likely to read and keep your thoughts private.

As much as I’ve enjoyed my time off in Casper, I hope this is the last I see of it on this trip. As a farewell, here are a few more pictures of the sky.


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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like a really great trip, excited to hear what you find in Utah and Nevada. Safe journeys.

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      I’m waiting until September to tackle the route between Salt Lake City and Sacramento. Summer is too hot.

  2. Lisa (MTTN)

    Happy trails on Poison Spider Road today!

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Apparently, the reference is to the Black Widow spider. I saw a couple of graphics.

  3. Anonymous

    I spent kindergarten in Cheyenne Wyoming. That’s all I can remember about that state..,,

  4. Tom G

    Good luck dodging the raindrops and getting over the Divide!

    1. Scott Alumbaugh

      Thank you! I guess if wagons could get over it I should be able to. As for the rain … counting on luck there.

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