Day 18: Scottsbluff, Part One

Clouds over Scottsbluff, NE

Hey everyone.

Sorry, but no blog post tonight. At least, not one worth reading. This is a placeholder for tomorrow. The short version is everything is fine, but the phenomenon of (quasi) post-COVID travel, coupled with local crowd-drawing events, has made it necessary to stay in Scottsbluff for a second night—and to be grateful I can.

I rode here from Bridgeport this morning, a pleasant, uneventful ride. But since then it has been logistics hell. The net result is that I have most of the day tomorrow (if I can get enough electricity to keep everything charged) to write up the full story. Until then, I just want to say that I continue to be surprised by the generosity of strangers—including Steve and Ann from Omaha who wish to remain anonymous—as well as the incredible support I receive from Lisa and Rick. Even when I’m as cranky as I was this afternoon, I realize how lucky I am, how blessed, for the kindnesses I receive. Thank you!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully you will find a cool cafe! (Lily)

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