Upper California Crossing

The Upper Crossing of the South Fork of the Platte apparently went by several names including “Laramie Crossing,” “Goodale’s Crossing,” “Morrell’s Crossing,” and later “Julesburg” or “Overland City,” although Julesburg came to be preferred. Julesburg became widely known, the station and stable were then “long, one-story, hewed cedar-log building; there was also a store and blacksmith, shop. . . . The Pacific telegraph line at this point also crossed tho Platte, having been completed through to San Francisco via Fort Bridger and Salt Lake. . . . lt cost ten dollars a wagon t.o get ferried across the Platte [by rope ferry in 1864]. —Overland Stage, pp. 219, 220. Julesburg was named after Jules Beni. (See Footnote 291.)