St. Joseph Contract

In consideration of these things the C.O.C. & P.P. got a block of twelve lots in Pattee Addition, eighteen in the town of Elwood, Kansas, the use of a building for an office, free passage over the Roseport & Palmetto Railroad for express packages, officers and employees of the Company for twelve months and free ferriage across the Missouri River for express coaches, wagons, etc., for two years.

The most significant and important concession the Express Company got was the exclusive privilege of carrying express matter over the Roseport & Palmetto Railroad and extensions thereof for 20 years. It was also agreed that the railroad would withold all connections from any other road running west to Denver which did not grant the same privileges.

By this contract Russell paved the way for the C.O.C. & P.P. to engage in the railway express business. He, as well as everyone else, knew that the day when steel rails would span the prairies and mountains to reach the Pacific Ocean was not far distant. Both he and the people of St. Joseph fully expected that the infant Roseport & Palmetto Railroad would be extended to Denver and eventually to the Pacific Coast.