Slade’s Death

“Virginia, grief-stricken and bitter as she gazed on her dead husband, shrieked at those around the death-bed: ‘Why, oh, why didn’t one of you shoot him, not let him endure the shame of being hanged? If I had been here, I would have done it. No dog’s death should have come to such a man. He did not deserve to die on the scaffold.’

She was so bitter against Montana, Virginia City, and especially the Vigilantes, contending her husband was a charter member of the Vigilantes, that she refused to allow him to be buried in Montana soil. She had a zinc coffin especially built and ironically had the body preserved in alcohol, and then had the coffin temporarily buried across the road from the stone house in Meadow Valley, placing the grave where she could gaze on it from her largest window. This was in February, and it was not until summer that she was able to take the body to Salt Lake City for burial. He was buried on July 20, 1864, in the old Salt Lake Cemetery.”

[N.B. According to another author, “An elegant casket was made lined with tin.” Perry Jenkins, “Kiskadden-Slade,” Annals of Wyoming, Vol. 21, No. 1 (1949), p. 90]