Slade at Hockaday

Under the Hockaday regime Joeeph A. Slade hnd served as agent of the division from the Upper Crossing of the Platte to South Pass. When the “C. O. C.” was organized Benjamin F. Ficklin made him head of the smaller Sweetwater division, running northwest from Julesburg to Rocky Ridge, in which capacity he was untiring in his efforts to rid the line of incompetence. He found Jules Beni, agent at Julesburg, to be a thief and scoundrel, and forced bun to settle with the company. Jules wounded Slade, and Ficklin then ordered the execution of “Old Jules.” Juleo and Slade finally “had it out” and the Frenchman went to his death. It was said that thereafter Slade wore one of Jules’ ears as a watch charm. Slade was the terror of evildoers on the line, but took to drink, and later became the head of a gsng of highway robbers and desperadoes. He was finally executed by the vigilantes of Virginia City, Mont.

Burton referred to Slade as: “Of gougers fierce the eyea that pierce, the fiercest gouger be.” He met him in August 1, 1860, at Horseshoe Station, west of Fort Laramie, living with two ladies of disagreeable mien, one bis wife. Slade already bad the reputation of having killed three men. Burton complained of his treatment by the “ladies,” who forced him to sleep in the barn with the drunks.