Pony Express News Delivery

The Bulletin and Union had no sooner put their new system into working order than a further improvement in communication with the East made it more or less obsolete. This was the beginning of the pony express on April 3, 1860. The important dispatches were now rushed through by pony in eight to ten days, although the bulkier matter such as the eastern papers and the long letters from the New York and Washington correspondents containing background material largely, continued to be sent by the overland mail or the Panama steamers. It became necessary for the Bulletin and the papers associated with it to maintain a correspondent at Carson City, the terminus of the telegraph line from California. This correspondent received the dispatches from the pony express traveling west and telegraphed them to Sacramento and San Francisco. These telegraphic dispatches were usually headed by the description: “Per Telegraphic Dispatch to St. Louis; Thence to St. Joseph, Mo.; Thence by Overland Pony Express to Carson City, U .T.; Thence by Telegraph to San Francisco.