Nevada Conditions

“The stretch between [Salt Lake City] and Carson City is some of the most unforgiving terrain there is. It is also some of the most beautiful, isolated, uninhabited, desolate, awe-inspiring land I’ve ever been in . . .

My biggest fear is that someone will get out there and not be adequately prepared and end up in a very bad situation.

I rode that stretch this summer [2019] but had to adjust my schedule to account for the heat of the day. I would stop riding around 1-1:30, aiming to be at higher elevation and around trees. I would find shade and would try my best to have just topped off water, or be near a water source. I would lay down and rest for a while, letting my body cool off while consuming water and electrolytes. I would eat once I had cooled off enough to stomach food. I would nap/rest until about 4-4:30 then would go for another 20 miles or so.

My days were limited to around 60 miles.”