Mile 258: Liberty Farm Station

“The storm had been local and, after we had worked our way slowly through ten more miles of mud, things became more normal. Along little roadways with reassuringly solid bases we really enjoyed the refreshing, pungent odor of earth freshly drenched and strung with puddles. The sun reflected pleasantly from the white knoll at the site of the old Liberty Farm Station and struck diamond points of light from the rain-soaked masses of trees behind it. The station did not survive the terrible massacre in 1864 but was replaced by one known as Pawnee Station located at a more favorable site.”

[N.B. the Pony Express Bikepacking Route shows this landmark about a quarter mile off the Route on Road 18C as it heads south to Deweese. Other sources show it on the main road (which the Route follows) between Mile 258 and 259]