Mile 1835: Dry Creek Monuments

Pony Express plaque

There are two monuments near the site of Dry Creek Station:

  • A Pony Express plaque
  • An Central Overland Trail post

The monuments are located at

In addition, various authors state that there are station ruins and a gravestone nearby. I wasn’t able to find them on my scouting trip, but maybe it just takes a little more effort:

“The building ruins are overgrown by sagebrush. The grave of Applegate and Roiser is on the crest of the hill nearby.”

Hill, The Pony Express Trail: Yesterday and Today, p. 224.

Central Overland Trail marker

A few rock foundations, overgrown with sagebrush, mark the mound above the creek where the station was situated. A rock monument built by the Damele’s in 1960 bearing a brass commemorative plate, distributed as part of the Pony Express Centennial in 1960, sits near the station site. . . . Remains of the Overland Stage Station, a stone structure, sit just off the main gravel road before it turns to go up to the ranch.