Mile 1677: Egan Canyon

“Special recognition is given to this canyon simply because it is given so much notice by the literature. Egan Canyon was named for Howard Egan who pioneered Chorpenning’s mail service through there in the l850’s.

When Simpson passed through the canyon on May 15, 1859 he was impressed by its ruggedness.

Egan Canyon we found quite narrow, and somewhat remarkable on account of the rocks which wall it in on either side. These rocks are tremendously massive, and rise sheer to a height in one place of about 1,000 feet.

Egan Canyon was the site of many ambushes by the Indians since it was an ideal location. . . .  

“Today a good county road criss crosses the creek as it runs up the canyon. Despite the absence of threatening Indians, if you travel the canyon at dusk, the rock cliffs and high walls arouse the same awesome, closed-in feeling today as they did when Simpson, Burton and  all the Pony` Express riders passed through them.”