Freighters on Sighting Indians

“We had not been molested by Indians so far. We had met parties of twenty or thirty at diff erent times, but had been cautious. When they came riding near us, we would double up our train and prepare for them, and they would soon ride away apparently friendly. . . .

Monday morning we moved on. In the afternoon we saw quite a large party of Indians riding toward us. The boss stopped the head team and commenced to corral. The ex­tra men came charging back, ordering us to corral as quick­ly as possible, for the Indians were coming upon us. Every man hurried his team up, and we got them cor­ralled with the cattle inside. Then every man got his gun, and got inside the corral, ready for them, except Rennick and the mounted men.

But before the Indians got to us they began to slow up. They came up and appeared friendly. Whether it was be­cause we were so well prepared for them or not, we never knew. They chatted awhile with the boss and rode off.”