Fort Kearny Military History

“Fort Kearny was never attacked by Indians, never besieged, and no battle of size was fought within a radius of 100 miles. Its garrison seemed pitifully small in contrast to the emigrant hordes and the savage Sioux and Pawnee bands who prowled up and down the Platte on each others’ trail. Nevertheless, the Fort Kearny soldiers proved equal to their role as guardians of the trail, made innumerable patrols, kept Indians pacified, and provided emigrants with supplies, advice, and the moral support so desperately needed on their 2,000 pilgrimage. Furthermore, this was the assembly point for numerous military expeditions, which, beginning at Fort Leavenworth, here rallied forces for invasion of hostile territory. Fort Kearny was not really a fort. It was a sentinel post, launching platform, and gateway to the hostile Great Plains.”