“Buffalo Bill” Cody

"Buffalo Bill" Cody
“Buffalo Bill” Cody

“William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody claims to have been a Pony Express rider around the Julesburg area, but this is unlikely. In Alexander Major’s autobiography (one of the Pony Express’s founders), Cody is only mentioned as being a messenger for Majors. And evidence shows Cody was in school in Leavenworth during the Pony Express’s operation. What Buffalo Bill did do was showcase the Pony Express in his Wild West Show, popularizing its legend and cementing its legacy.”


[N.B. Cody was 14-years old when the Pony Express started. In his autobiography, He claims not only to have been a Pony Express rider, but to one have ridden 320 miles in less than 24 hours:

“One day I galloped into the station at Three Crossings to find that my relief had been killed in a drunken row the night before. There was no one to take his place. His route was eighty five miles across country to the west. I had no time to think it over. Selecting a good pony out of the stables I was soon on my way. I arrived at Rocky Ridge, the end of the new route, on schedule time, and turning back came on to Red Buttes, my starting-place. The round trip was 320 miles, and I made it in twenty-one hours and forty minutes.” Buffalo Bill’s Life Story, p. 47

No other record of this record-breaking ride exists.]