A Gallant Figure

A gallant figure, that rider of long ago! Young, for the wise heads of the company, realized that only to daring, reckless youth did such an enterprise appeal! Brave, for there were Indian attacks to be feared, wild beasts to be guarded against! Hardy and enduring, to face the burning heat of the deserts, the cold of the desolate mountain passes; picturesque and romantic in their buckskin jackets, their spurred boots, their pistols thrust through a gaudy sash! For seventeen months these boys journeyed across half the continent, their record achievement being the delivery of Lincoln’s inaugural address in seven days and seventeen hours. Then they vanished into the mists of the past and only the sound of their ponies’ hoof beats comes echoing down to us through the years. Their brief career forms a theme more fitting for the romancer than the historian, so colorful, so dramatic is it.