Praise for the Pony Express

The newspapers in California competed in praise of the Pony Express, a reflection of the genuine significance the overland mail relay had on the far coast. Californians had always been the strongest and most romantic supporters of the Pony. They had every reason to express some sentimental loss when the long riders ceased to run. “A fast and faithful friend has the Pony been to our far-off state,” eulogized the California Pacific. “Summer and winter, storm and shine, day and night, he has traveled like a weaver’s shuttle back and forth ti! now his work is done. Goodbye, Pony! No proud and starcaparisoned charger in the war field has ever done so great, so true and so good a work as thine. No pampered and world-famed racer of the turf will ever win from you the proud fame of the fleet courser of the continent. You came to us with tidings that made your feet beautiful on the tops of the mountains … We have looked for you as those who wait for the morning, and how seldom did you fail us! When days were months and hours weeks, how you thrilled us out of our pain and suspense, to know the best or know the worst. You have served us well!”