Mile 26-96: Severance to Seneca

“Scouting the pony express bike packing route day 2 hike a bike out of the tall grass and trees to highway 20 still on route everything went good dirt and gravel roads were riding great although in a rain they wouldn’t be so great also these are mostly roads used by farmers to access their fields so during planting or harvest they may be busy with farm traffic. Camping looked promising and comfortable at atchison county lake although I didn’t camp there. Moved on through Horton to Seneca just past Horton behind the abandoned Kickapoo truck stop is the next road to nowhere. Chipmunk road dose not go through to 110th street it has been plowed under. I got on us 75 and went the few blocks to 110th to get back on route everything else went well into Seneca with the exception of a temporary road closed for bridge repair. In Seneca I camped at Baileys rv resort it was nice clean heated bathroom’s with showers!!”

[NB. This is entry two of three by Andy Phillips. His ride track is on Strava at]