Mile 1578: Schellbourne Rest Stop

“I would very strongly caution against assuming that highway rest stops out here will have any supplies. This stretch of the route passes through some of the most remote lands in the world. Still. To this day.

The Schelborne rest stop is nothing more than a large parking lot to house vehicles and tractor-trailers during foul weather. The only facilities here are composting toilets, like what you find in national parks. There is no water and there are no vending machines.

There is no shelter other than those toilets, which will be in demand at all hours due to the distances between towns along that highway.

There is signage talking about the Pony Express through the area though. It’s worth stopping to read it!

Across the highway, if you are using Google maps, you will notice Schellbourne Station. It is an abandoned gas station/restaurant/motel. All of the doors are gone, windows are busted out, and rooms are littered with squatters trash. Simply put, you cannot rely on this rest area for anything other than hitching a ride into town and a toilet.

Behind the Schellbourne station there used to be a RV park. It is overgrown and there is very little good space to sleep. It is also right along the highway and is loud at night (ask me how I know! hehe).”