Mile 1304: East Canyon/Dixie Hollow/Dixie Creek/Bauchmanns/ Snyder’s Mill Station

“Ten and one-half miles from Weber via Bachelors Canyon [blocked by private land] or about 13 and one-half miles from Weber via Henefer.

“East Canyon Station, currently inundated by the East Canyon Reservoir, is located in Section 10. Often referred to as Snyder’s Mill this error may be derived from information gleaned from Captain Albert Tracy’s Journal. It was at Snyder’s house, in Section 19, along the road from Parley’s Canyon that Tracy stayed the night. Further confusion occurs since Snyder’s Settlement (Snyderville) and Snyder’s Sawmill are shown as located in Section 31, about 3 miles south of Snyder’s House. Samuel Snyder had settled at this location in 1853.

“Following its use as a mail station, travelers and sheepherders utilized the area and the neglected buildings. A sheep corral and grave mark the site. . . .

“Facing down East Canyon, the Mormons built a fortification about four and one half miles south of East Canyon Station. The structure was built for a holding action against Johnston’s Army. A site just to the north of here has been called Bauchmanns, but evidently this site is also in error. The pioneers traveled south of Bauchmanns about two and one half miles and turned northwest up Camp Creek or what is now called Little Emigration Canyon. By the time of the Express, a shorter road had been constructed up Monument Creek, or as it is now called, Dutch Hollow. Traces of this road are still visible on the ground.”

[Note: The road up Monument Creek is now Highway 65. The XP Bikepacking Trail follows the Emigrant Trail to Mormon Flat, then up Little Emigrant Canyon. The turnoff is just after the station.]