The Pony Express Trail

William E. Hill, The Pony Express Trail: Yesterday and Today (Caxton Press, 2010)

Hill - the Pony Express trail
The Pony Express Trail: Yesterday and Today

My partner, Lisa, gave me this book when I first mentioned I wanted to ride the Pony Express Trail. I’m not sure if she was being loving and supportive, or that she was encouraging me to go because she would love six to eight weeks of quiet around the house. The book is one in a series of “yesterday and today” books the author has written about what he calls “Great Trails West.” The first part of the book is a short history of the Pony Express, and actually packs a lot of information into eighty pages, give or take. The bulk of the book, however, is a trip along the trail with “then and now” pictures and illustrations of the nearly 200 stations along the route (though the National Park Service lists only 147).  

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