Gillespie’s Store

Gillespie's Store-FrontGillespie’s Store is the next station west of Halfway House (Silveyville). It sits in front of Heritage House, a restaurant in the heart of old downtown section of Vacaville. Vacaville itself represents a certain type of California town, in that it has been cut through the middle by a freeway, and unless you get off and explore the older sections, you might think it’s just another grease spot on the map filled with gas stations, outlet malls, and fast-food restaurants; a place to gas up and get something to go because you’re on your way somewhere else.

Admittedly, it is not a noted destination spot per se. But if you decide to ride the XP Route all the way to San Francisco, old downtown Vacaville is well worth spending a little time in. It has some beautiful Victorian-era buildings along Main Street, and other charms as well—plate-sized pancakes at Heritage House being among them. Like many Pony Express stops, Vacaville was also part of the Lincoln Highway, which ran right past Gillespie’s Store. The 1911 School Street Bridge over Ulatis Creek still stands. It is a short walk east of this XP marker, and now is a pedestrian bridge.